My Colonial Heritage

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Graham Branch - Scottish/Irish Heritage

          My paternal grandmother was Laura Ann Graham Smeal.  Her father was Lenn Thompson Graham (1) who was born in Goshen Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, and was buried in Goshen ME Church Cemetery, Clearfield County.  He was a farmer.    Lenn Thompson Graham's father was James E. Graham (2).  James E.  was born in Lawrence Township, married Susan Morrison (3) about 1845 in Clearfield County, worked as a farmer and lumberman and died in Goshen Township.    James E. Graham's father was John Graham (4).  John Graham was born, worked as a farmer and died in Bradford Township, Clearfield County.  John Graham married Eve Shirey  (5) in 1809.   John Graham's father was Robert Graham (6).  Robert Graham was born in Augusta County, Virginia and died in Bradford Township, Clearfield County.  He is buried in Ross Cemetery, Clearfield County.  He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Wall Jeffrey (7) in 1790 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Robert Graham's father was Thomas Graham (8).  Thomas was born in Augusta County, Virginia.  Thomas Graham's father was Robert Graham (10).  Robert Graham was born in Donegal County, Ireland, and died in Bullpasture, Augusta County, Virginia.  He married Jane (Jean) Hicklin on November 20, 1734, in Bullpasture.   Robert Graham's father was Christopher Graham (12).  Christopher was born in Canonbie, Dumfrie, Scotland and died in Bullpasture, Augusta County, Virginia.  He married Margaret Florence Risk (13) about 1699 in Donegal County, Ireland.  Margaret's father was James (or John Risk).  Christopher lived in Ireland for at least 13 years.  His son Robert was born in Ireland.  Christopher came to America after 1712 but before 1734.   Margaret Florence Risk was born in Scotland and died in Bullpasture.



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