My Colonial Heritage

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Sitzer Branch -  German Heritage

My maternal great grandfather was William E. Sitzer (1) who was born in Schoharie, New York.   He maried Helen Havens and had three children -- Daisy, Ethelyne and Reba (my grandmother).   William E. Sitzer was a Free Methodist minister.   William E. Sitzer's father was John Sitzer (2) who was born in Schoharie.  John Sitzer  married Harriet Thorne in 1840 at Schoharie.  They had twelve children.  He is buried in Franklinton Cemetery,  Schoharie County, New York.   John Sitzer's father was Frederick Sitzer (3) who was born in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.  Frederick was married to Phoebe Balis (4) on May 26, 1806, in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, New York.  Phoebe's father was Luther Balis.  Frederick was a farmer and owned 96 acres in the Town of Franklinton.  Frederick had ten children.  Frederick and Phoebe are buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Livingstonville, New York.  Frederick's father was Johanne Martin Sitzer (5).   Johanne Martin Sitzer married Hannah Mariah (Ammie) Lambert.    Johanne Martin Sitzer's father was Frederick Sitzer (7) and mother was Margaretha Pulz (8).  Frederick was born in Wurttemberg (Wurtemberg or Wuerttemberg), Germany.  Frederick's father was Johannes (Johann) Martin Zitzer (Sitzer) (9) who came to America in 1738 from Wurttemberg (Wurtemberg or Wuerttemberg), Germany, along with his 2nd wife Salome Kruner (Kreiner)(10).   Johannes was a linen weaver.  See Henry Z. Jones, Jr., More Palatine Families, Picton Press, 2005, pp. 310-311.


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